February 01, 2007

No Kidding! Update

Purple WomenTM, you too can start a No Kidding! chapter. Now there's even an instruction handbook wiki on how to do it. This is a sure recipe for getting your childfree social life on track, whether single or married. Pay a minimal start-up cost, agree to the ground rules, add a generous helping of your time to recruit volunteers, members and plan events, and you can use the official name. This organization is heavily, and well-promoted.

The annual convention of this international social club for childfree adults is just around the corner - Las Vegas or bust!. The planners from Chapter One have just added a wiki page to help folks connect to share hotel rooms, rides, etc. Their efforts are truly appreciated.

It just keeps getting better.

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Sudiegirl said...

Hey - what a coinkydink...I have a friend that's active in the No Kidding! chapter in DC. He also has a blog...I'll get the link and send it to you.

I'm glad you came...I didn't know the Purple Women thing existed. I'm glad to know that color is for MORE than Donny Osmond's socks.

Law Geek said...

Thanks for posting this! Slight correction - the planners are from various chapters, but none are from Chapter One, and there is no real direct connection. (save Jerry's acquiescence in its creation)

Teri said...

Sudiegirl - welcome to our purple space in the blogosphere! I may know your friend. I met him at the No Kidding convention in Toronto.

Now wouldn't that make it a small world?!

LG - Thanks for the correction. See you in Vegas baby!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A group for child-free adults is a great idea.

Elise said...

I should probably make the CF Meetup I organize tied to NK. There currently is no NH chapter!