February 06, 2007

Project Update: The Book

One cross-border, cross-country move and a funeral later, and my transcription machine, complete with foot pedal and headset, is back on my writing desk. I have set myself up facing the large picture window of our living room. A place of quiet and solitude. The dictionary, style guide and thesaurus are all within arm's reach and it's time to get busy with...

...the Purple WomenTM book project!
The book will feature a section called Portraits of Purple WomenTM. These women have been hand-selected by me because as childfree women they stand out for me, for one reason or another, and their stories will help me paint the picture of what it is to be childfree today. Perhaps I can answer the question of whether or not we are part of a real movement definitively, reveal what our place is in the "village of life", look ahead to where we are going in old age, and reflect on what we can do to make things better for the next generation of childfree adults.

A total of 15 interviews are slated. This is something I truly enjoy, as I learn something from every childfree woman I meet. Two interviews have been completed thus far and two more are scheduled.

The survey was completed last summer, and I need to revisit that data to keep my thinking and creative process moving forward. More than 200 childfree women in Canada and the U.S. participated. Initial results on the multiple-choice section were debuted in a series of posts:

Survey Results #1
(Pre-qualifying questions)
Survey Results #2 (respondent demographics)
Survey Results #3 (best childfree perk)
Survey Results #4 (satisfaction scale, stereotypes)

My last project update was in August 2006. The goals I set are still valid.

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emeraldwednesday said...

What a fabulous idea! Best of luck with the writing!