February 16, 2007

A Tribute to the Men Who Love Purple Women

Before the Valentine flowers wilt, the chocolates are devoured, and the cards are recycled, I would like to pay tribute to the Men Who Love Purple Women™.

Why? Because they love us for who we are. Now.

If you love a Purple Woman, there is...

...No promise of future children,

No guarantees that we’ll endure your bad habits because we have to, because the kids need a father,

No biological or instinctual compulsion to cleave to you,

No need to stick around.

But we do, and you do, because it works for us. Because there is the promise of love and companionship, someone who will love you even though you’re unconventional, and you don’t care what people think. Someone who has your back when you’re challenged. Someone who said "I do" or took a chance even if he had been told he’d regret it, or that he had committed himself to someone who was "selfish".

At the risk of making generalizations I may later regret, I will admit that Purple Women™ can sometimes be prickly, strong-willed, or aloof . We don’t generally adhere to the established gender roles. We may not know how to use an iron or bake cakes. We like our freedom. Some of us like our solitude. We don’t always appear to need you.

But we do. And, more importantly, we want and love you. For you.

[Photo: Originally uploaded to Flickr on February 3, 2007 by shirley77]

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digby said...

Great entry! I will definitely have my husband read this!

Anonymous said...

I read this aloud to my husband. Thank you for putting this in writing!

Yes, we are unconventional.