March 04, 2007

In the News

Katherine Seligman has the byline on this feature story about being childfree in today's issue of the San Francisco Chronicle Magazine. Chris The Fixed Kitty podcaster, our friends Teresa and Jay, and AlphaGirl, a frequent Guest Contributor, are interviewed, as well as our very own LauraS.

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LauraS said...

A nice, balanced article. I laughed at the line about it being easier to get a handgun than a tubal ligation for a twenty something women. It's true! Here in Virginia, a twenty-one year old woman I know (who already has one child) will have to go through a six-month counseling period before her doctor will do the procedure for her.
I could have gone to the gun show last month with my driver's licence and walked out with a semi-automatic weapon. Same day, no counseling involved.

Anonymous said...

Women's bodies are so controversial!