March 29, 2007

Nice to Meet You

Purple WomenTM new to this site and returning readers will enjoy discovering the buried treasures among our older posts. The categorization of all our older posts is nearing completion, so you can now search by topic of interest, or by author. We have had more than a dozen writers who have made their contributions here, both as Regular and Guest Contributors. We welcome your submissions by email. You never know where the next great post will come from!

In the meantime, I just wanted to say a great big...

W E is for Bubbles L C o M is for Marsden exhibition cabinet e all the new readers of this blog. You just can't buy publicity like we got recently in the San Francisco Chronicle article. Also, many thanks for leaving your thoughtful comments when you visit. I hope the changes to the sidebar have made us a bit more user-friendly.

It is so important for childfree adults to connect, online and in person. What is also true is that we may or may not have tons in common
when we come together, except that we are living unscripted lives. In the last couple of months I have really enjoyed writing for the new ezine by the same title -- Unscripted: the Childfree Life. The editors recently added the blog-type feature that allows readers to leave comments on a particular article. The topic for my next article is inspired by reader feedback.

As we approach our 30s and 40s a feeling of "disconnect" may creep up on you as those who have filled your life previously take the path of parenthood. You can do something about this.
The Internet is changing the way people find each other. I know more than one person who met their spouse online first. The Internet has evolved into a social networking tool that generations before us never had. It's not just online dating services any more. The new generation and those who wish to embrace it are living more online that ever before, with networking via picture sharing services and personal web pages such as MySpace and personal blogs. Organizations like No Kidding!, the international social club (90 chapters around the world) rely on the free Internet like YahooGroups to administer volunteer-run chapters and put on an annual convention each year. Hope to see you at the upcoming one in Las Vegas.

LauraS and I are proposing to the organizers of this year's Childfree Convention a joint presentation of our collective data from the independent childfree studies we completed last year. LauraS is currently fundraising for her Childfree Project, which will be debuted to a much larger audience as a documentary. If you appreciate her efforts, please visit her website and make a donation. If you donate $50.00US, you will receive a custom dog tag as a thank you gift, and you can watch a sneak preview video clip. How cool is that?

These endeavors deserve our support.

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Strawberry Muffin said...

Thanks for the welcome! I started reading a few weeks ago while perusing through the online childfree community, and I've already linked this blog to my own.
Nice to meet you too! :)

Teri said...

Strawberry Muffin - Thanks very much for the link, it really helps boost our rankings with the search engines...and we want all Purple Women to find us, right?

Life Learning Today said...
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Life Learning Today said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi purple women,

just wanted to say, i am upset that shelley, newcomer blogger, is accepted. I tried and tried to blog with purple women -and refused. what is going on. I subscribe to purple women articles, and i not entitled to blog as well. Purple women have massive support in England, where I am now. I as a black woman, can say, in England, every domaination has someone who is childfree by choice. So please purple women, do not be biased by choosing american, southern bible belt women, or I will unsubscribe and find a website which is democratic, not autocratic.

Arlene Hare

Anonymous said...

Hi purple women, how you all doing today. yesterday i was surfing purple site in a internet cafe, the woman user next to me, looked at my screen, got up and said to the cafe manager, "what a thing to be reading". They both started laughing. I was vexed and embarrassed. The unsaid rule of internet cafe, is do'nt snoop at anothers screen. I felt angry, as if my reading purple women is something stupid, or childfree is unimportant. They were much younger then me. I do get sick of the prejudice do'nt you?

Arlene Hare

Temperley said...


Ihave a question, I want to create a fictional female and male character childfree, but would apprepricate comments about the theme of the book. the outline of the book, ie si fi, thriller, comedy . Any comments?

rock said...


thank you for your information


Adult Dating

Teri Tith said...

Dear Anonymous woman,
I am deeply sorry that those two women in the I-Cafe laughed at you. It was cruel and unkind.

I no longer publish to this blog. This blog was closed to new articles and contributors almost two years ago. That point may not be obvious to those who have only recently discovered it.

I would direct you to read my final post.

Rock -- You are very welcome!

I am glad you found something useful to yourself here.

Cheers to all my Purple Women friends,near and far.