September 05, 2006

First Year Milestones

Here are some of the quantifiable places we’ve been in our first year:

September 2005
First blog post; one of 20 million blogs on the planet.

February 2006
First website links to Purple Women™ - Married NoKids Editor at Bella Online.

March 2006
Added tracking features to the blog to see how we’re doing: StatCounter and GeoVisitors. Added Creative Commons license protection to the blog.

April 2006
Listed on Technorati, added their “search this blog” tool to the sidebar and implemented the use of Technorati tags on each post. Listed Purple Women™ on BlogHer in the Feminism & Gender category. First comment left by a man on a Purple Women™ post.

May 2006
Added Feedblitz subscription by email service. First Guest Post, Medium Channels Childfree Bias by VictoriaM.

June 2006
Offered blogcast syndication service hosted by so that readers can download a mini-version to their hand-held device with internet capability.

July 2006
Silicon Valley Moms blog links to Purple Women™. First front page post by a man, ManinBlack (alias: CarpeWritem).

August 2006
Changed title to Purple Women& Friends to encourage broader readership and participation. Added custom MeCommerce bookstore in sidebar to offer childfree books.

September 2006
Purple Women™ & Friends content is approved by BlogBurst (one of 2,000 syndicated blogs made available to 12 news publishing partners). We are listed under the categories of: Family & Education, News & Opinion, and Lifestyle. First blog team member to be interviewed by a journalist.

Purple Women™ & Friends celebrates first anniversary (one of 50 million blogs on the planet).

83 links to Purple Women™ & Friends from 37 blogs, according to Technorati.

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1 comment:

LauraS said...

You've done a lot in the last year to put Purple Women on the map!!
Thank you for all the hard work and passionate commitment to the task.
with much gratitude...