September 07, 2006

Purple Women Contributors

To all our Contributors, Readers, and Commenters, a great big...

T H A N introducing...

Radio City \ O U

Ten regular contributors have shared this space since this blog was founded. Here they are in order of appearance with # posts contributed to date:

Teri (Sept 05 - ), 124 posts

Dr. Wendy, 1 post

AthenaMarina, 4 posts

Boxing Tomboy, 29 posts

NikkiJ, 15 posts

Twiga92 (March 06- ), 10 posts

LauraS (March 06 - ), 16 posts

AlphaGirl, 5 posts (including one as a guest contributor)

NomadShan, 3 posts (plus some great commenting action!)

Chase, 3 posts (ditto)

Robin (Sept 06 - ), 5 posts

Isabel, 2 posts

Four guest contributors to date: VictoriaM, Gloria MacDonald, ManinBlack, Tanja, and AlphaGirl.

A total of 197 posts (including 15 book reviews) on the site to date. That’s a lot of topical content!

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Chase said...

Way to go, ladies!! Keep it up! :)

Robin said...


H.A.Page said...

Congrats on your first year and your prolific writing....

Rhea said...

Hey, I just discovered your site and the term "Purple Women." Did you coin that? I am one, too!

Teri said...

Hey, thanks for playing along everyone! I love PURPLE!