September 11, 2006

Selfish Women or Purple?

Feminism is alive and well...if you know where to look, according to this blogger. I found her post titled Selfish Women when I was searching Technorati under the term "childfree".

It amazes me how many bloggers are talking about Purple WomenTM.

Sue Richards and I connected last week. A social entrepreneur and professional blogger, she is one of the women I am profiling for the book I am developing, working title: Purple WomenTM. She reflects on her childfree status and the interview in this post on one of her blog sites, and she gave me a free Breast of Canada calendar -- yeah!

[PHOTO: Teri holding the release form for the first Portraits of Purple Women interview, wearing a hand-beaded tiger eye necklace by Isabel Morales Designs.]

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LauraS said...

Holy crap! I almost gagged on my cabernet reading Selfish women. What a hoot!!
Masterbating to Dr. phil? That's a visual I didn't particularly want to store in my software but it made me laugh out loud. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Teri.
A light moment in a crazy week.