September 21, 2006

Gloria and Me

Yesterday, I had the privilege of interviewing Gloria MacDonald, for the Portraits of Purple Women part of the book I am developing. You can expect an arrested development over the next couple of weeks as my husband and I make the long journey back home to California after 20 months of expat living in Toronto, Canada. Moving can be a little disruptive to productivity!

Gloria has been a Guest Contributor on this site. You may remember her post Childfree Dating which we published in June. She is a dynamo and it was great to sit in her cozy living room and soak up her energy. Gloria is president of Perfect Partners. We first met at an eWomenNetwork event. I rather like the quotation on her business card:

"The desire for companionship and love is basic to our natures and fundamental to our well being."
She probably said it herself! As a professional match maker and a former magazine executive who was in a position to hire and manage women from both sides of the fence, she had some interesting insights for Purple WomenTM. Also, she asked me to mention that she is looking for someone who is interested in becoming a Perfect Partners matchmaker. She provides the training.

[Photo: Teri in Gloria's living room wearing another Isabel Morales creation. The book was a gift from me to Gloria!]

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