January 10, 2007

Bust Magazine

The gorgeous ladies at Bust have added our blog to their Girl Wide Web directory of cool things online. Look for us under the heading Women of Every Color!

They featured a stellar article on the topic of childfree in their January 2007 issue, the one with Parker Posey on the cover, written by Judy McGuire. Judy put together an intelligent, well-researched piece called Newborn Free. Story on page 66.

"Women who choose not to have kids are mad as hell at people continuously passing judgment on their lives and bodies, and they're not gonna take it any more."
-- Judy McGuire
The interview took place just before we moved home to California. I'll be honest. I had never even heard of this rag before I was invited to be a part of the story. Now I'm a subscriber.

My two pull quotes:
"And Toronto resident, Teri Tith, 41, founder of the politer, gentler childfree blog Purple Women says she started her site because she 'was on a personal journey and didn't want to feel alone.'

"Tith reports, 'About 10, 15 years ago I went to the library and looked up 'childfree/childless' and found nothing,' but these days the shelves are stocked."

A sidebar to the article featured www.BadButtons.com where you can get cheeky chilfree pins for your lapel. Founder Kate Black, 28, writes "Anything that encourages intellectualism in pop culture is a good thing." I think that describes Bust pretty well too.

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AlphaGirl said...

Bust is amazing; I had come across it several years back when looking for an alternative to the "glossy" women's mags. It's a fun, thought-provoking read. Every woman, particularly teen women and college age women should check it out and use it as the barometer for women's mags in general. It's far more honest than the "glossies" and won't insult anyone's intelligence. I'm so glad they are addressing childfreedom directly; they kinda tip-toed around it for awhile.

Teri said...

Hear, hear! I was glad to discover it also. This will help me keep my edge from my new home base in the suburbs of the East Bay.