January 11, 2007

Childfree News

Three items of note this week:

Purple Thins?
Interesting Forbes article about how parents eat more fats and tend to be heavier than those who are not parents. Well, if you consider what most kids eat, that's a no brainer. Aieeeee! They refer to us as childless instead of childfree. How tacky.

New CF Project
Childfree Issues is a new website underway by No Kidding! spokeswoman LT. I have joined its corresponding blog as a contributor. The focus is childfree advocacy. No - that does not mean "recruiting others to be childfree" as the pro-natal mindset might assume. Currently, the dialogue is about workplace compensation, specifically employee benefits packages.

Unscripted: The Childfree Life, the new ezine for people of the purple persuasion needs writers. I met the editor, Martha Kneib, at the childfree festival in Toronto last year. She is a professional and she will edit your story. She improved my editorial in this month's issue quite a bit: "Reproductive Choice or No Choice?"

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