January 14, 2007

Vegas or Bust!

Thinking of getting away? The site of the 6th annual Childfree Convention will be in Las Vegas. Purple WomenTM will not regret attending this fun weekend with new friends. It's always nice to have a local host and the members of the Nevada chapter of No Kidding! have invited us back.

Halloween chills and thrills are promised on the dates of October 25-28, 2007. Activities usually include a welcome reception, small group dinner outing sign ups, and a dress up night. I'll be bringing my golf clubs and staying off the Strip.

Registration will open in the spring, but save the date.

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Tiara Lynn said...

That sounds simply fantastic! We've been looking for an excuse to get out to Vegas and see my sister-in-law. My husband and I will start planning to attend! Thanks for the early heads up!

Law Geek said...
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Law Geek said...

Also check out the Yahoo! group to chat with other people who attend the conventions, find a roommate, etc.

I've been to all 5 conventions so far - they are so much fun!

Teri said...

Tiara Lynn - I look forward to meeting you!

Law Geek - Thanks for the link...hey, how did you do that?