January 12, 2007

Just Purple

Now that I am going by the honorific, The Purple Woman, people often assume it's my favorite color. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I have had to work very hard to find a purple that I look decent in (for the book tour of course). There are many shades.

Since I lived in San Francisco, there is an inordinate amount of basic black in my wardrobe. I am definitely not a lavender gal. I like neutrals, as well as big bold splashes of color. I dress to how I want to be treated. And sometimes I just don't care.

Purple is a fun color, with many associations. Mostly, I thought that calling my blog and book Purple WomenTM
would make people curious. If someone is curious, they'll pick up a book and read a blog post. After attending my first ever blogger conference last summer, [picture at left] I changed the name to Purple Women & Friends to encourage broader audience participation.

"Friends" could be parents and they could be men, and they could be young adults on the fence about whether or not to have kids. The important thing is to think about it.

Recently, a friend treated me to an artisan fair featuring native American works, including pottery, silver jewelry with turquoise and other semi-precious stones. I was surprised to discover a purple stone called sugalite. It's from the cradle of Africa. Simply gorgeous shades of purple stones. Some day, I plan to own a piece made with one.

I also met a painter named John Balloue. The Waxlander Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico features his art. It was fun to speak to the artist about his work. He reminded me that colors also represent emotions and energy. His modern pieces really capture this.

So, no, purple is not my favorite color...but it is a useful one.

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Cheeky said...

I like purple but I can't say its my "favorite" either.

Robin said...

I'm not a big purple fan but I can handle it.

Anne said...


Saw your blog on Mybloglog. It is awesome! Child free is a fabulous life style I too enjoy!

BTW... I love the two ends of purple: pink and blue... ;P


Anonymous said...

Yes! You just brought back a childhood memory of coloring red and blue crayons to create purple...thanks.

Sandy Renshaw said...

Hi Teri,

Thanks for the note on MyBlogLog. It brought me to your site - and I love it and look forward to visiting again.

I'll have to look for sugalite. Purple has been one of my favorite colors since I was very young, and blue is a close second.


AthenaMarina said...

I love aqua, aquamarine, green and turquoise plus silver! But I also have a lot of black in my wardrobe too. Nice photo of you!

AlphaGirl said...

Purple is my favorite color, and I love the stories behind it.
-Purple is thought to be the color of roytalty.
-In some circles, purple is thought to be the "highest" color; one that signifies a leader or an old soul. Some followers of meditative and Eastern practices see it as the color that signifies the crown chakra, or the chakra that corresponds with the head, thought to be the region closest to their god.

I love it for the varied shades it comes in, and my favorite shade is the rich violet hue. It's throughout my wardrobe, and it's a part of my favorite racing outfit. I loved blue as a kid, but as I've grown, I've come to appreciate the color purple. I'm not much for pink, but I do love purple!