July 13, 2006


I have great respect for most parents. I say most because I find it very difficult to respect the very small minority of parents who feel entitled to have kids and then neglect or abuse them. By their actions they will be judged.

So I find it curious when people disrespect or pass judgement on the childfree as a group. To do so they must apply broad brush prejudgments based on stereotypes rather than facts. It’s like saying "teachers are mean" or "dentists are sadistic."

Before you call me selfish, please take the time to get to know me. You don’t to have to respect me. Respect is earned, but in order for me to earn it I need to be an individual first.

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twiga92 said...

I think sometimes it comes back to the old 'people fear what's different than them'. They don't understand those who are childfree and so they stereotype them.

Robin said...

Thank you for that! You made a really good point.

Anonymous said...
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ChrisR said...

Boy does our society fear the different! How dare we not conform?

LauraS, respect would be nice, but is too much just to be considered 'normal'?

LauraS said...

A sign in my friend's kitchen reads "Normal is a setting on a washing machine."