July 24, 2006

Survey Results #4 of 4

The last one in the series of posts sharing responses to questions 1-14 from the multiple choice section of the Purple WomenTM survey:

10. How satisfied would you say you are with your childfree life?
(Scale of 1-5, 5 is best)

72% Very Satisfied
18% Satisfied
9% Somewhat Satisfied
1% Unsatisfied
0% Not Satisfied

11. Current Relationship Status

24.3% Single (check if between relationships or never married)
53% Married
0.5% Widow
22.3% Committed relationship, but not married

12. What stereotyped role (I know I hate them too, but they are handy for surveys) best fits you? Please check as many as apply or skip this question (let your whimsy run free!).

64.6% Cool Auntie (I like kids but you can have them back when I’m done)
5.7% School Marm (I am surrounded by kids all day but not when I go home!)
24% Zero Population Activist (I live very green and recycle everything.)
Career Woman (It’s all about disposable income baby!)
12% Artiste (Money isn’t important, art is.)
10.3% The Procrastinator (Biological Clock victim)
4.0% Higher Calling (Married to God/Buddha/Allah etc.)
17.7% Mr./Ms. Right already had his/her tubes tied.

A total of 38 participants were either stumped by the above question or did not find a stereotype applicable to their experience, as they opted out of this question. Perhaps they are career women? My mistake for not including this option. The responses to the essay questions are more revealing.

13. Are you a childfree woman (without children by adoption or marriage)?

Yes 99%
No 1%

The survey and blog participants have since taught me that there is such a thing as a childfree step-parent.

14. Before you move to the next part of the survey, are you willing to participate in this survey (anonymously) with the understanding that the results of this study will be published in a book called Purple WomenTM?

Yes 99.5%
No 0.5%

Note: The title of the book may change, especially if I go with a traditional publisher.

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