July 11, 2006

Survey Results #2

I am on the road, in Dallas, Texas attending a book publishing conference, which is a bit like drinking from a fire hydrant. My apologies for the delay. I am aiming to post these on consecutive Mondays!

4. How did you first hear about Purple WomenTM?

Purple Women website/blog: 7.5%
Friend 13.5%
eWomenNetwork 2.5%
No Kidding! 11%
Other childfree website 38.5%
Other 32% (I have no idea what this means...)

5. Where do you reside?

200 women responded to this question, 13 women left it blank. I will use this information in the story-telling for this book in progress as this was a fill-in-the-blank question.

6. What is your nationality?

American 70.5% (141 women)
Canadian 24.0% (48 women)
Other (please specify) 8% (16 women)

My requirement was that if you are taking the survey you live in either the U.S. or Canada, regardless of your citizenship status.

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Chase said...

On the first question, I'm one of the 32% who answered "Other."

I found you guys on the BlogHer site. I think I just did a search for "childless women" and the site came up.

So glad it did, too! :)

(16 days until BlogHer '06! YAY!)

Teri said...

A-hah! Thanks for sharing this.

ChrisR said...

Teri, I'll stick my hand up and admit I'm one of the idiots who does not come from the North American continent and who did not read the instructions.

I'm always telling everyone else to read the instructions, but do you think I could manage it? :)