July 25, 2006

Taking a Stand: Reproductive Rights

A reader from the International Leadership Forum in La Jolla, California recently shared this article:

Core Issue Missing from Birth-Control War Reports
by Gloria Feldt

Perhaps a discussion about the real option to remain childfree should be a part of the comprehensive programs teaching family decision-making skills to our young people. Gloria’s article is a lengthy counter-point to a May 2006 New York Times Magazine article titled “War on Contraception”.

At the heart of her argument, an enlightening factoid:

“Title X of the Public Health Services Act — the backbone of subsidized family planning health services for low-income uninsured women [in the U.S.] — is less than half what it was in 1980 when adjusted for inflation…Meanwhile, funding for abstinence-only programs that provide no health services has catapulted from near-zero to almost equal Title X.”
There lies the battle front. Let’s face it. There wouldn’t be as many Purple WomenTM as there are today without access to proper birth control. We also have the right to a more permanent solution should we so desire it. The funding to Title X does not affect all childfree women, just the ones who need it most: those who cannot afford it.

A quick peak at Gloria’s bio describes a legend in her own time. She is definitely clear on where she stands and is willing to stand up for it. We can admire her for that, even if we don’t agree with everything she stands for.

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