July 03, 2006

Survey Results #1

Well as promised, here is the first in a series of consecutive Monday posts about the results of the survey launched in February. My dear husband is facing the music in the kitchen while I post this. (Eeeeek, in the blogosphere a deadline is a promise!)

There are 213 completed surveys, upon a first look not all are valid per the criteria and the necessary focus I set forth.

Pre-Qualifier Questions 1-3

1. Do you currently reside in either Canada or the U.S.?

97.7% Yes (208 respondents) / 2.8% No (6 respondents)

Some of you may have been wondering why question #1 was in there. The focus of the Purple WomenTM team blog is only limited to those with access to a computer and a grasp of the English language, however for the book, upon which the survey is based, I needed to focus on a topic and an area that was natural to my own experience, with an eye toward future book sales.

2. Are you a childfree woman (i.e. nobody calls you Mom)?

100.5% Yes / 214 respondents

In question #2, I attempted to exclude women who are step-parents. This decision took some criticism early in the process, right here on this blog. I learned that there are indeed some women who have not had, nor intend to have, children and consider themselves Purple WomenTM, even though they are step-parents by marriage. It is always good to be enlightened (and humble), even if it is in the blogosphere for anyone in the world to read. Blended families and step-parenting is a whole 'nother book and for the folks who do it -- my hat's off to 'em, no matter what their "colors".

3. Are you willing to participate in the is survey anonymously with the understanding that the results of this study will be published?

100% Yes (213) / 0.5% No (1 person)

Re: #3 needs no explanation. Of course, I'll read the responses, but promise not to publish the responses of the person who answered "no".

My thanks to all of you who took the time to take this survey. It is my pleasure to share the results with you.

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