July 18, 2006

Survey Results #3

Oh, fiddledee dee. Where did Monday go? Oh yeah, I was floating down the Saugeen River fly fishing...

On June 30, the Purple WomenTM survey was completed with a total of 213 participants. Each week, I share results. The first half of the survey was all multiple choice question, so that's pretty easy to do (on Tuesdays).

7. What is your age? (awe, come on...it's anonymous remember?):

25-35 "Shouldn't you be married with kids?" 35.3%

36-45 "What no kids yet?" 45.8%

46-55 "How did you keep your figure all these years!" 10.9%

56-65 "You're doing WHAT this weekend?" 2.5%

66+ "My are'nt WE eccentric?" .5%

Other (Please specify) 5% (A total of 10 respondents -- and I don't know if they're youngsters or sages!)

8. What is your sexual orientation?

I'm into Men exclusively. (Heterosexual) 85.6%

I dig women, um, a lot. (Lesbian) .5%

I brake for Angelina too! (Bisexual) 10.4%

I'ved chosen celibacy so it really doesn't matter! 3.5%

9. In your opinion, what is the greatest perk of your childfree lifestyle? Please select one.

Quiet, Whenever I want it! 34.5%

More discposable income 14%

Opportunity to Travel 13%

Time to pursue hobbies or art. 19%

Able to focus on my career. 8.5%

Higher relationship satisfaction. 19.5%

Other (please specify) 24.5%

In each of the three questions (7-9 multiple choice) 13 participants skipped the question.

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