April 18, 2006

Caught Between Worlds

Sometimes I feel like I'm caught between different worlds. I don't really fit with the single crowd since I'm married. And yet, I feel like I don't fit with the married crowd either as most of them either have kids or are planning to have them. Having grown up overseas, a "Third-Culture-Kid", I've often felt out of place my entire life. In a sense, I feel sad that I continue to feel out of place even as an adult. Yet I am 100% convinced that I have made the right choice for me. Perhaps that is what helps me during the times I feel out-of-it. My favorite quote is "I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe."


AlphaGirl said...

I love that expression...it describes how I feel as well at times!

Anonymous said...

Twiga, I complete understand this sentiment. I am omni-racial, childfree, s Generation X child and I don't attend any kind of church. I too am used to being on the fringe of the mainstream, rather on the outside looking in at times. I am not going to do it quietly any more!

Hang in there. It will get a little easier as the years roll by. I would suggest investing time and energy in making new childfree friends with a group like No Kidding, the international social club for couples and singles. Or, perhaps you can put some feelers out there to start one for childfree Christians.

ChrisR said...

Well, I'm obviously a sucker for punishment - I don't want kids and I don't want a boyfriend either. Life's tough.

Teri, thanks for reminding me, I shouldn't be going quietly about it either!