April 19, 2006

Third Wave: Thirdspace.ca

A Purple Woman forwarded this interesting article to me last week:

Mom’s the Word: Musings on Being Childless
by Amy Leask (November 2004)

It was published in a new online feminist journal called Thirdspace.ca. This group in British Columbia is developing their site as an online community of women scholars. Yet another good use of technology to make the world a better place.

Going forward, I will be blogging here about how we, the childfree (Purple WomenTM and their male counterparts), are portrayed in the media in a series titled: Childfree in the Media.


twiga92 said...

That link didn't work - for the Mom's the Word article?

ChrisR said...

It's here

ChrisR said...

I found this quite thought provoking. I wonder ...

"Is becoming a mother some bizarre hazing ritual, something you want others to go through simply because you did?"

NikkiJ said...

Might explain why no-one ever tells the truth about the "down" sides of it - until after you've discovered them for yourself of course. Like they want you to suffer like they did. then it's - "why didn't anyone tell me?"

And, odd as it may sound some parents want their children to go through what they did when they were bringing them up as revenge for all the parents went through when they were bringing them up. Kind of like "NOW (that you have yours)you know what I felt like!" That's why especially mothers often say - "Wait until you have your own kids - THEN you'll know what it's like..."

Anonymous said...

NikkiJ - I suspect that The Baby Trap (judging from the title) exposes the real truth. PW contributor AlphaGirl posted about it recently. It's a must read for us all. Perhaps when I get my hands on a copy, I can register it with Book Crossing and pass it along to one of the PW team?

Chris - Hi, thanks for the comment and the correct link. I know it's possible to put a live link in a comment, the spammers do it, but alas, I don't know how!

Twiga - eeeeek, I didn't realize my link wasn't working. Thanks for telling me. You can also email me outside the blogosphere with this type of maintenance stuff, okay?

twiga92 said...

I like this quote in the article:
"I’ve also witnessed first hand how good parenting (or bad parenting) can affect the course of a human life. This, in itself, is reason enough not to enter into motherhood without giving it thorough consideration." Why don't more people think of this? It's not something to just jump into.

Anonymous said...

Twiga - I couldn't agree more. Think of the burdens on the entire system kids who take the wrong track cost everyone, sometimes lives, sometimes their own. Very sad indeed, but no one ever talks about that. The childfree don't get any credit here, perhaps we should. We're good for the environment too (coubly so if we recycle)!

Hey, maybe we're really GREEN not PURPLE?!!!