April 28, 2006

Having Trouble Finding Parking Lately.....?

It might be due to those annoying and unnecessary "New Mother" or "Stork" parking spots at some retailers. A posh supermarket chain in Southern California (Gelson's) is adding front-of-the store parking spots to accomodate new /"expectant" mothers, and insisting on full carry-out service for them. Never mind that our disabled population wouldn't mind a few more parking spots so they don't have to circle the lot until a disabled-access parking spot opens up.

Feeling annoyed yet? Put pen to paper and let Gelson's know how you feel. Here is their snail mail address.....They don't have an email address.

Gelson's Market Corporate Office
Attn: Customer Relations

16400 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91436

If so moved, make your voice heard.

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