April 30, 2006

New Contributor Welcome

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NomadShan joins us from the Mid-West (of the United States). She is already an avid blogger and this will be her first team blog collaboration.

Please view her complete profile by clicking on her name in the PW Contributors list. And, stay tuned to see what she does with her "every day philanthropy" blog now featured in our sidebar Click 4 Good.

And a belated welcome to AlphaGirl, a first-time Blogger posting from beautiful Southern California, as you may have already diciphered. She has been active in the childfree movement since the beginning (when the mainstream media started paying attention).

Welcome to the Nomad and AlphaGirl!

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LauraS said...

Welcome Aboard!!
Looking forward to your posts and sharing ideas with you.
A big cyber hug,

nomadshan said...

Thanks, Teri + all! Will introduce myself very soon...