April 27, 2006

Kids & Punching Bags

When I'm in the boxing gym, I never seem to be annoyed by kids hanging around the gym. It's probably because boxing is a sport I love, so I have something in common with the other kids who box, and even the ones who come around out of curiosity.

There was a boy who kept peeping around into the gym Wednesday night. He asked what kind of room it was, and I told him. I also gave him extra information about when the youth coach is around, although I was hoping that would discourage him from actually walking into the gym. The gym is located in a fieldhouse where kids are always around. If you let one kid in, several more follow, and kids aren't supposed to be in the gym when the adults are there.

The kid left and came back to peep in several times, then came in. I had to lightly admonish him against hitting the bags and jumping rope. Normally, I would lose my patience, but I did tell him that he was welcome to watch (since it seemed no other kids were with him), and repeated that there are other days when the kids are allowed to box in the gym. That seemed to satisfy him, so he stayed for a little while then left.

I encourage the boys who are already in the program to do their best, and if I see girls standing around who look like they have some interest, I encourage them too. Boxing is one of those areas where I tolerate kids easily.

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Anonymous said...

BT - catchy title! Enjoyed the read. I felt like I was there with you. You write well. Any chance you could put up an image? There is a picture in my head, but I've never been in a boxing gym. I share the young man's curiosity.

AlphaGirl said...

Love your boxing posts!
I think more kids, especially girls, should be exposed to the "sweet science". I'm glad that you're offering encouragement to the kids who show an interest.

When I've attempted to uh, skateboard, I've noticed that the kids at the park are courteous towards myself and the other adults there..I like that because it dissolves the age barriers a bit and shows that we're all trying to learn the same things.
Now that I think about it, though, had the "groms" at the skatepark been small children, the age barrier can definitely stay intact for my sanity's sake...LOL!