April 01, 2006

Upbeat Childfree Chat...and More!

Looking for a great childfree forum that embraces the positive side of being childfree? Stop by positivelychildfree.com and you'll meet a great group of childfree men and women discussing pets, work/school, home, health, relationships, and of course, the childfree lifestyle. There are surveys, and the Friday Five each Friday to get the weekend juices flowing. As a pet lover, I especially get a kick out of the pet-related posts. You'll find no hateful, devisive language here, only the occaisional strongly- worded post directed more at societal attitudes than at people in general. Their link is Positively Childfree


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Anonymous said...

AlphaGirl, thanks for this post. I've seen some of the negative ones out there. I made this mistake of subscribing to one. I immediately undid that. As a rule I try to remove myself from toxic situations and people. I think you summed it up best if your last email (outside the blogosphere) to me:

"I'm not much of a kid person, especially when it comes to anyone under 12, but at the same time I don't support using unprintable language to describe them."

Further, it is my hope that we can reveal here at Purple Women, just how unique and diverse (in our interests and travels) childfree women are. Blog on!