April 27, 2006

How Purple Women Came to Be

This is the short story of me and how Purple WomenTM came to be.

About 10 years ago, I went to the local library to look for a book which might shed light on the lifestyle choice that I was facing. All I found were books on infertility treatment, surrogate parenting and adoption. I wanted a book that would help me understand what a life without children would be like, or could be like. I wanted to learn about what they were able to accomplish, about the tradeoffs, their friendships and significant other relationships. There were no such books for me.

At first I was surprised, then I got angry. By fault of omission, “the system” was telling me that my greatest value to society was that of a baby-making machine – that there were no other roles, at least none worth writing about or taking up space on a library shelf.

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Paul Lima said...

Great blog. A wealth of material Timely topic too. I can see how you can develop articles on this, and even turn it into a book!

Paul Lima
Freelance writer

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul.