May 05, 2006

Advantages to Being Childfree

I've been home sick for the last couple of days and as I lay around sleeping and trying to get better, it occurred to me that it is a blessing that I don't have children. Children would be clamoring for my attention, even if I'm in bed sick. It would be much harder for me to get well while trying to take care of the needs of others. My husband and cats can pretty much take care of themselves. What type of advantages do you find a blessing?

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nomadshan said...

Having the time and energy to be with my husband and pursue my interests! And keeping an odd schedule when I need to. And being able to backpack for months at a time. There may be a few parents out there who do that, but we haven't met them!

Hope you feel better soon!

clarafiedwords said...

Not having to take the school year into consideration when I decide to take a job somewhere. Also, having my employer pay for my insurance--I'd have to pay the family rate if I had a kid. Free is good.

Anonymous said...

Twiga -- Feel better soon. As a missionary kid who has grown up all over the world, I was wondering where you are homesick for? Home is where your heart is...

NikkiJ said...

Get better soon!!
Just a few of the advantages that I'm eternally grateful for and never take for granted.

Being able to wake up early, or sleep late. Stay late at work to work on a project and then head up to our local for a bite to eat. Just a phone call to my husband, and we've made arrangements.
Leave work early, just because I want to, not because I need to.

Being able to go out for dinner when we want to. No childcare/sitter issues to think about. Being able to plan my day as I want. My husband and I do lots of things together, but also have lots of separate interests.

Being able to direct my career the way I want to. being able to take on projects that will help me advance/get promoted at work.

Being able to travel literally whenever and wherever we want to go. Being able to wait and choose the job I wanted - rather than the first one that came along. Had I had children I would not have had this advantage. They'd have to come first.

Though I enjoy cooking, not having to cook every evening.
Being able to simply sit and think!

twiga92 said...

Freedom to pursue my interests is a big one for me. And not having to cook, especially after working all day - a big blessing!

I actually meant that I was at home, sick for a few days. Not actually homesick.

I'm doing better. Now back to work!

Anonymous said...

Twiga -- Oooooh! Sounds good.

NikkiJ -- Yeah, I'm with you on the cooking bit. I love to do it, but I think it would drive me crazy playing short order cook to a finicky child. I cannot believe kids who refuse to eat what's put on their plate by their hard-working parents.