May 12, 2006

Blog Comments

I have turned the anonymous comment feature back on for this blog due to some recent feedback (quite a gift really that someone takes the time to send an email).

This means that you do not have to be a registered Blogger with to publish a comment on an original post here. Please do at least use a pseudonym (make it fun like: CrazyMom, or Non-Mom) or your initials so we can follow the conversation. (If everyone left a comment signed "anonymous" we wouldn't know if it was one person or multiple persons posting!)

Blogs at their best are conversations, even online communities. We are nothing without our readers. Regular readers become part of our online community. It doesn't mean we have to agree, but it probably means we do have something in common. Here at the
Purple WomenTM team blog, it means we are women and we're childfree -- for what ever reason, and those reasons do vary.

Anyone, female or male, parent or not, is welcome to comment, anonymously or not, from anywhere at any time.

[PHOTO: The Blurker by Teri]

[Blurker: one who visits a blog but never leaves a comment!]

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