May 19, 2006

Subscribe to Purple Women

Hey all -- Happy Weekend.
It's a long one up here in Canada, as the Canadians (and those living in Canada) take a day off to celebrate the Queen on Monday.

I've added a new feature that allows you to subscribe to Purple WomenTM. Now you can receive notice of new posts by email. Put your email address in the new box found in the sidebar and click the button.

Your email will be known to me, as the administrator of this blog, but no one else. It will not be used for anything else. I am using FeedBlitz for this service and they are not spammers. I have seen their service on several other reputable blogger sites. You can always unsubscribe.

The frequency of posts on Purple WomenTM is almost daily now, and you will receive an email notice of new posts as they occur, once a day. Let me know when and if you think this needs changing.

Three Cheers for Queen Victoria!

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