May 01, 2006

World Childfree Day

First Sunday in June is World Childfree Day. Yes! Who knew? This year the date honouring Purple WomenTM and Men everywhere is June 4, 2006.

Could I suggest we all write a haiku and post it? Or, tell us what you did to celebrate being childfree on June 4.

Guest contributors are welcome to send their entry to me by email me directly (in the sidebar) so I can post it for you. Just let me know how you want it attributed.

Let's get bloggy with it!


nomadshan said...

Excellent idea! Putting my haiku cap on...

Anonymous said...

Here's one to get your creative juices flowing...

In the cradle
my lap
big cat

Also, click through on the word haiku in the original post for more examples. Some of them are erotic (yet tasteful)!

Tiara Lynn said...

My haiku is inspired by a recent babysitting stint with my seven-year-old niece, and represents my favorite part of my childfree marriage...

A quiet house
Me time, Us time, Grown-up time
The sweetest silence