May 09, 2006

Bored and Dejected? Have A Kid!

It seems that some women run out of things to keep them occupied, and decide a child will be the antedote. It seems to be especially true of women who appear to have limited life choices and/or are in bad circumstances. They may not have a good job, a decent education, a good man, etc., but doggone, they have kids, so their lives must matter! It's a sad way to think.


AlphaGirl said...

Definitely a bummer, but when you look at how little girls are brainwashed into being mommies from the time they are born, it doesn't surprise me. Most girls' first gifts/toys are dolls and all the acoutrements, and their initial career choice is usually that of "Mommy". You add that with the factors you mentioned, and you have the perfect ingredients for a lot of "boredom babies."
I've also seen it happen with women who are well-educated, have their pick of options, and whenn the career loses it's allure, or whatnot, they have a kid to try to fill the void.

Sad, no matter how you look at it..potential is a terrible thing to waste. =(

P.S. how are thing at work with the "da boss?"

Boxing Tomboy said...

Things with Boss are calm at the moment. . .we have our second meeting next week about my performance review. Have this sneaky feeling he may try to get away with giving me the standard cost of living raise.

Anonymous said...

It is so ingrained in our institutions that women = mothers. I was shocked to learn how narrowly we are defined by the so-called experts on the subject.

In 1993, Mardy Ireland explained to us in her book "Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity" that all psychological theories suggest in one way or another that a "woman's reproductive capacity shapes her life".

She also pointed out that a woman who is not a mother puts a bright spotlight on the inequalities that exist between men and woman...just another reason we make people uncomfortable.

I hope women like Mardy develop some new theories.

ChrisR said...

"It is so ingrained in our institutions that women = mothers."

Teri, I've just had a wonderful example of this last week. It's Budget time here in Australia and both sides are talking about tax and childcare in terms of getting 'women' to return to the workforce. Not 'mothers', not 'parents', women.

Because woman has to equal mother, doesn't it?