May 11, 2006

Blushing Bride at 62

A Purple Woman shares her story.

Who knows what we'll do when we're that age!

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nomadshan said...

Linda's experience with her first husband sounds so similar to mine - knowing right away that "this is it", being free to travel or move as desired, working together on unconventional projects. It breaks my heart to think of losing him, suddenly or not. I'm happy for her that she found another fellow so compatible, but I don't identify with the overwhelming urge to be in a couple. I can't imagine dating as a widow.

MarinLinda said...

Thanks for your comments, nomadshan. I actually felt my heart "snap" when I found out my husband was going to die. Lots of widows date and eventually remarry, but you have to reach the point where you're truly ready to "open your heart" again. In any case, I joined the National Organization of Non-Parents way back in the early 1970s, so I knew then that motherhood was not for me.