May 17, 2006

Tolerance To An Extent

Boss and I had our second meeting about my performance review. I brought up what he questioned the last time about me not being a kid person. He did bring up good points about having empathy for the emotionally/mentally abused children who live on the premises. I had been emotionally and verbally abused by both parents, so I could relate on that level. However, when he brought up about the kids being insensitive at times, I told him, "Kids in general can be that way. They also can be cruel."

There are a couple of girls here who always make a point of talking to me when they see me in the hall. I have had some pleasant conversations with them. Unfortunately, there is one girl in particular who has a major attitude adjustment to make. I told Boss, "I can't relate to her at all. She needs to listen to what is being told her--by people who care--before she is let loose on the streets. Out in the world, no one's going to care about her problems and issues. They will hurt her." This is the same kid who always looks at me like she'd like nothing better than to knock me senseless. "You can't take what these kids do personally. You have to tolerate it," the boss told me.

I don't have much tolerance for a lot of things these days. Age has a lot to do with that. I particularly have no interest in being a punching bag, crash test dummy, scratching post, etc. for the kids at my job. I can be cordial as I have been most of the time with the kids. All I'm asking for is a modicum of respect, which unfortunately, is not being taught much these days to any kids, anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did ya get a raise?

Boxing Tomboy said...

I am due a 3% cost-of-living raise on my job anniversary date in July regardless; it's in doubt whether I'll get the extra 2% I asked for. Boss told me both he and Human Resources would have to evaluate that based on my performance review. No definate word on when that evaluation will be completed. The fiscal year ends in June; I have a funny feeling Boss will try to justify not giving me the extra, blaming it on budget concerns.

NikkiJ said...

But you do know, right, that it's more than likely to be based on your personal view vis-a-vis children rather than your performance? Put another way, it sounds like your performance, at least in your boss's eyes, is intricately linked to whether you are prepared to toss aside your personal views to fit in with how he thinks you should think and/or fell. You're worth more than that. We are all different, but if it were me, I'd have been out of there long ago. I don't think I could or should tolerate that discrimination.