May 11, 2006

Wikipedia: Childfree

Re-published Wikipedia Discussion on the subject of "childfree":

"I added a link to Purple WomenTM, a project for, by and about childfree women of my conception -- before I read this discussion. The team blog associated with the project has multiple contributors from various nationalities and parts of North America. It is more like an online magazine than a personal journal. It is topical and timely. We have reviewed several books on the subject of childfree and are keeping tabs of related issues from media portrayals to workplace conflicts.

I can understand not wanting to include personal blogs, but blogs are not all alike. If it is not possible to discriminate personal blogs from content-focused blogs, would you instead consider a link to the This is the official website which introduces the book that will be based on the online survey currently underway.

I also added to the Books section an excellent scholarly book by Mardy S. Ireland PhD, a clinical psychologist.

It has been noted correctly that we, the childfree, as a group are growing in numbers, yet we are not politically organized nor united as a group. Motivations and situations can really vary as do religious and political outlook, yet we are at the center of economic if not moral controversy. Purple WomenTM is more than a blog and more than a book in the making, it is a new way of connecting and forming community via the internet. For this reason, I hope you will allow a link to us.

Many thanks for creating this page on Wikipedia."


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