May 06, 2006

The Buzz...

...about Purple WomenTM is a new page on the official Purple WomenTM website. It contains some of the feedback we've been getting in the last couple of months since the survey was launched.

Thus far, 149 surveys have been completed and the target goal of 200 is not far off. I expect that we'll reach it by end of July, since I will be promoting it at the 5th Annual Childfree Festival taking place in Toronto, Canada June 15-18 (it's not too late to register and we'd love to meet you in person!)

Most of the comments came in emails from persons in North America (outside the blogosphere). I thank everyone for their permission to publish their comments.

I'd be curious to hear from women or men in other parts of the world who are reading us.

The Buzz

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Lady Cooper said...

Gah! I want to go to Toronto for that so badly, but I can't! Grr! *pulls hair out*

Anonymous said...

Lady Cooper - There's alway next year for the Child-Free Festival. The location is yet to be determined...I am hoping for California personally as I will be moving back to my home state the end of this year. The next one is planned for New York according to the Chapter One No Kidding website info!