June 28, 2006

Diversity & New Contributor

One of our contributors is an expert in diversity. She gets paid for her counsel to bring it about in a corporate setting. Two of our contributors are professional writers and I suspect all of us could be. One is a banker, and more than one of us has worked in the nonprofit sector. We also have an entrepreneur.

Our contributors are a most diverse and interesting group in terms of age range, current location, places we've lived, profession, married vs. single, ethnicity, and religious practice. We are all either Canadian or American, and two of us are dual-citizens, British and Columbian. (Don't worry there won't be a quiz later!)

I suspect that if we were all in the same room together we would never run out of things to talk about!

Now, Robin joins the mix. She is 20-something, a non-practicing Jew, dating a man who may make her a step-parent and admits she is on the fence about children. She lives in Massachusetts and is already an avid blogger.

Welcome Robin. Purple WomenTM readers look forward to your first post!

There are a lot of negative spaces out there where the childfree gather online and use derogatory terms for parents. It was my intention to create something different, something more respectful and deserving of respect and consideration by a broader audience. Social change is a lofty goal and it takes time. Contributors and commenters here are part of that change. (Chase totally gets it.)

Putting something in writing makes it more powerful. If someone reads it -- even better. If they tell their friends about it, the concept can improve, evolve…influence others.

Ideas are the commerce of progress and change.

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nomadshan said...

Welcome, Robin! Look forward to hearing your perspective...

Robin said...

Thanks for the great introduction, I can't wait to get going.

Boxing Tomboy said...

Hi Robin! Glad to meet you.

Elise said...

Hey, Robin!

Nice to see another New Englander on PW. I'm very new to the site and have really enjoyed it! Loved your webpage --- both its content and design.

just over the border in NH