June 01, 2006

World Childfree Day - A Reminder

World Childfree Day is always the first Sunday in June. What are you doing this weekend to celebrate?

This holiday won't get you a day off work and you aren't going to see it on calendars anytime soon, but it does give one cause to pause. That's what holidays are for. To make you stop and think. You can thank our like-minded friends Down Under for coming up with the idea.

On May 1st, I challenged Purple WomenTM to write a haiku (form of poetry from Japan, but any kind, even a limerick, will do!) in honour of the holiday. If you'd like to participate, send it directly to me in an email so I can compile them and post them together on Sunday, June 4, 2006!

Here is a sneak preview of a haiku shared by blogger Tiara Lynn:

A quiet house
Me time, Us time, Grown-up time
The sweetest silence

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AlphaGirl said...

I'm not the haiku poetry type, but everyday is Childfree Day for me, and therefore worth celebrating every day...


twiga92 said...

I might try to write a poem, but not really that good at haiku. I'll see if I get to it today.

NikkiJ said...

Like AG, everyday is Childfree day for me and every day I appreciate how much I enjoy my life. I've sent my haiku (such as it is) in anyway.