June 30, 2006

Two Ways to Subscribe

You can now subscribe to Purple WomenTM in one of two ways.

Option 1 - Email: Notices including the first two lines of each new post sent directly to your email inbox. Click through to view full text. Batched to go out once a week, so you can read them when you want. No registration required, just enter your email in the box found in the right column of the blog. This service is offered by Feedblitz, no fee.

Analysis: You cannot see same day posts or previous posts when you follow the link. You will only see posts published within the last 7 days. The navigation is a little awkward but you know when to visit, or not.

Option 2 - Mobile Device w/internet: Blogcasting at it's best via your mobile phone or PDA. You must of course have a mobile device that can access the internet, and sign up to be a member of SMS.ac to subscribe to the blog pod.

Analysis: Not free, but highly mobile and a snapshot of cutting edge personal technology. Monthly rate to subscribe this way is $1.50 US, plus $.025 per alert (weekly). We post 3-4 times per week. This service is offered by SMS.ac out of San Diego, California. A mini version of the blog will appear on your device. You’ll never be bored waiting for your transit connection again.

You still have the option to simply bookmark my blog as one of your favourites and check back whenever you get the urge. You do have a computer and an internet connection, don’t you?


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twiga92 said...

I subscribe through Bloglines as a way to see when there are new posts. I think there are other feed readers that allow you to subscribe to various blogs of interest. I check my bloglines account usually several times a days.

Teri said...

Twiga - thanks for mentioning this other opiton. I had their logo in our sidebar for a while because I was trying the service myself. I really didn't like it. I guess I just couldn't make it work properly for myself. A lot of people do though.

Logical guy said...

Apart from Bloglines you can just use a web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or Opera or the upcoming Firefox 2. I personally use IE7 and find that it is really handy to see which of the 20-30 blogs that I read are updated. The program just checks for new posts every so often, the checking frequency can be changed by the user. Subscribing to a blog is really easy, just click on an icon on the toolbar.