June 29, 2006

Project Update: Survey Closes, Team is Full

Dr. Wendy was our first contributor at Purple WomenTM and she posted this on September 19, 2005:

“What do you see as the goals of this blog? Are you wanting to talk about the issues and priorities of Purple Women or are you looking for more discussion around common characterisitics?"

She asked the right question. If I am doing it right, anyone visiting this space can discover the answer without entering navigation hell.

The survey closes tomorrow, with more than 200 to review. Results from the first half of the survey (multiple choice) will be shared here, one question per day on consecutive Mondays, starting Monday, July 3rd. The essay questions will be addressed in Purple WomenTM -- the book.

Our blog team feels full at nine, however I have extended some invitations to Guest Contributors where they have particular expertise or experience. We have great diversity on the team, (same gender of course) and we have the right number of writers to meet the content goal of daily posts. New posts inspire other posts. There’s a wealth of topics even in our narrow focus of being childfree.

If a contributor drops off the grid for a while, it’s no big deal.

What’s next: write the book, continue building great content and the audience will follow!

My Next post: Two Ways to Subscribe

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