June 04, 2006

Happy Childfree Day!

Please enjoy this prose in honor of World Childfree Day; some fine words for us all to reflect upon: a poem, a limerick, a kone and a haiku or two for you!

In the cradle
my lap
Big Cat
-- Teri

There once was a woman who declared,
Motherhood? I'd rather be paired
with a man who could see
the person behind the belly
and value of what we have shared.
-- LauraS

What is the question?
That is the answer.
The question I ask is,
What lies in between
Career women and mothers?
I propose there are Purple WomenTM.

-- Teri

My daughter
Not a mom
Still a woman smiling

-- Anonymous

A quiet house
Me time, Us time, Grown-up time
The sweet silence
-- Tiara Lynn

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Chase said...

Fantastic! I love the cat haiku - though mine would have to say beagle!

:) Happy Childfree Day, ladies!

DivaTT said...

I'm not as creative as you fine ladies are....but... Happy Childfree Day, anyway!! :D

Tiara Lynn said...

I wrote about how we celebrated in my journal… what a wonderful day to sit back and recognize all we have!! Thanks for making us aware of the holiday -- this will surely become an annual celebration for us.