June 04, 2006

New Childfree Contributors

This month, we welcome two new contributors.

Chase recently discovered our blog and has one of her own called Taste the World. She hails from the mid-Western part of the United States. So we now have women spanning across North America and a two duo-citizens offering a British and Columbian perspectives.

Isabel has been super busy with her business. She is a dual Colombian-Canadian citizen, this entrepreneur has combined her passion with her business acumen in establishing Ethnia Imports. The proceeds from the sales of her hand-crafted accessories support South American women, who are often single, sole-support mothers. Women helping women is a good thing.

I am thrilled these Purple WomenTM will be adding their unique voices and perspectives to the mix here, and we look forward to their introductory posts.

Some of our contributors are simply new to blogging and the blogosphere. It is not for everyone, so naturally we will have some turn-over. Some will be more prolific than others, and that's okay. All voices are valued here. My thanks to everyone for giving it a try!

I recently added a tool for contributors and readers alike. You can subscribe to Purple Women! Simply type your email in the box located in the sidebar. New posts will go directly to the email you designate -- batched once a day. It's a great notification tool. You still have to check back at the blog to read comment acitivity.

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